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James C. Durkel Conference Center, TSBVI Campus

Austin, Texas


VI professionals are a small, elite group spread out over the state. Novice teachers may lack opportunities to observe experienced VI professionals in the classroom and itinerant settings. Three times this year we will be providing two days of professional observation at TSBVI and in surrounding school districts for teachers of students with visual impairments, certified orientation and mobility specialists, and Texas Tech or Stephen F. Austin students enrolled in VI or O&M coursework. You will have the opportunity to discuss what you have observed and ask questions of the instructors. The mentor program pays for hotel, meals, partial travel, and substitute teacher expenses.

To be eligible to attend, you must be a student currently working on VI or O&M certification or a VI professional who is currently assigned a mentor through the TSBVI Mentor Program. Mentors may accompany protégés to a Mentor Center and will receive the same accommodations.

Audience: University students currently working on VI or O&M certification, VI professionals currently assigned a mentor through the TSBVI Mentor Program and Mentors accompanying Protégés. 

Mentor Center Dates

You may now register for these Mentor Center events for the 2018-19 school year.


Registration Fees

$25.00 Registration

You may need to create an account if this is your first time to register
for an event in our new registration system.  Once you have created your
account locate this event in the Calendar of Sessions and select it.

Register on our secure site now.


Before registering, you will need the Purchase Order or Check Number or Credit Card Number that will be used to pay for your registration. They should be made to "Texas School for the Blind & Visually Impaired" and a note added that it is for payment of registration for Mentor Center.  Please make sure this payment also lists all the individuals who will be covered by this payment.  Mentor Vouchers may not be used for this event. If you are unable to get a Purchase Order or Check number in advance of your registering, enter "0000" when asked for the number in the registration form.  You may also bring your payment to the Mentor Center instead of mailing it.  If you do choose to mail it, please send it to:

 TSBVI Business Office

1100 West 45th Street

Austin, TX 78756


Reservations will be made by TSBVI for participants at the hotel listed below. Please do not contact the hotel yourself.

If you would like to know more about where you are staying or get directions to the hotel go to:


Mentor Center FAQ's

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