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What Time Programs End

Most of our classes end at noon on the final day, and students go to the dorm for lunch. They should be picked up at the dorm between 12:30-3:00pm.

Series classes end at 3:00pm on Wednesday. Students may depart earlier depending upon travel arrangements. We ask that students be picked up at the dorm between 3:00 - 6:00pm.

Classes ending on Tuesdays end at 3:00pm. We ask that students be picked up at the dorm between 3:00 - 6:00pm. Depending on available flights, students who are flying home might depart on Wednesday morning.

You will be notified about any other exceptions.

What You Receive After The Class

After a class ends, you will receive:

  • Class Report. A report describing the class objectives and activities, plus a description of how your student performed in the class. The reports for our week-long classes are much more specific and include suggestions for what to do next.

  • Class survey.  Your feedback is essential in helping us plan future classes and complete our report to the Texas legislature.

  • Attendance Report.  This is a letter to the TVI from our principal verifying attendance on the days your student was here. You can give this to your program administration to assure that students are not counted absent from the local district when attending a Short-Term Program class.

Transition Activities to Maintain Skills

To obtain the highest level of retention, skills that are learned in a Short-Term Programs class must be practiced and reinforced when the student returns home. This is true for our Access to Academics and Series classes, which focus on compensatory skills, as well as our weekend classes, which focus on other areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum.

From the time your student is accepted to an Access to Academics class, our teachers will discuss with you various options for maintaining skills to fit your needs and those of your student.

Transition activities may include lesson plans, checklists, videos, and other instructional resources. Some of our classes use the Edmodo platform for sharing these materials, as well as student successes and challenges. Student Edmodo pages create a progress portfolio that may include classroom teachers, family, and the district TVI, as well as TSBVI staff.

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