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It's quiet on campus this week as most are still enjoying the holiday break; a perfect time to catch up on to-do's for the new website!

While you can easily observe the changes to the site's design since the update there's another side that you do not see - the code behind the site that actually does the 'magic'. The changes to the code behind our site were far more dramatic than the design updates!

My hope in the migration process was that our URLs (links) would remain the same. Unfortunately, this was not possible in some cases due to the changes in the way that files were stored and named in the old code. If you have links to TSBVI on your website, please take a moment to verify that they remain valid. You may use our 'search' tool to search the site for the pages. Do not hesitate to email me if you need new URLs for any broken links and I will send them right over.

Thank you for your patience and great feedback during this transition.

Happy New Year!
May your 2015 be filled with peace, joy and good health.