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A group of preschoolers and adults at play on the floor with a variety of toys.Infants and toddlers have very specific needs related to vision. Vision is the primary integrating sense as they grow, play and develop their other senses. Any difference in vision affects all areas of development, their learning process and curiosity.

Outreach Infant and Preschool services focuses on working with parents, ECI providers, teachers and related service staff to provide strategies for services to infants and preschoolers

  • Request training about working with infants and preschool aged children.
  • Request a home consultation, ECI consultation, or school consultation focused on serving an individual infant or preschool-aged child.

To make a request select Infant/Early Childhood Consult or Training/In-service under the drop-down menu for Make a Request located in the navigation window to the left of the screen.

Why is Early Identification Important?

Vision plays a critical role in the overall development of infants and toddlers.  When a child is born with a visual impairment, the sooner it is identified and intervention provided, the better for the child's overall development.

To learn more about signs of vision loss you may want to review Eye Find brochure - PDF  DOCX

Questions? Contact:

Renee Ellis, VI Early Childhood Specialist