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These videos make up the content for a 2-part online course offered by Short-term Programs for students on the TI-84+ graphing calculator. TVIs may want to view this content prior to and as a follow-up in working with students who take this course. Please note that if you have students  interested in this course they must register through Short-term Programs

The goals of the class are to introduce students to the calculator, not to teach secondary math. The class is taught by a TVI, not a certified secondary math teacher. For help with challenging math concepts, please talk with your math teacher.

Video 1 - Welcome to the TI-84 +

Video 2 - TI-84+ What's In The Box?

Video 3 - TI-84+ Let's Take A Look

Video 4 - Taking Care of Your TI-84

Video 5 - TI-84+ Batteries

Video 6 - TI-84+ Updates

Video 7 - TI-84+ As a Scientific Calculator

Video 8 - TI-84+ Decimal, Negative Symbol and Parenthesis

Video 9 - TI-84+ Exponents and Clear Key

Video10 - TI-84+ The 2nd Function Key , Pi and Square Roots

Video 11 - Manage The Speech of the Talking TI-84+

Video 12 - The Preferences Menu

Video 13 - The Math Menu

Video14 - Editing