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NOTE: The information in these videos may be out of date. Please refer to the newest videos on our YouTube playlist: Google Classroom and JAWS.

The following videos represent the content in the course Google Classroom and JAWS Distance Learning Course offered by Short-term Programs. TVIs may want to view this content prior to or as a follow-up to their student taking the course.  The course is for students who use JAWS and Google Classroom in their home district who would like to learn more about navigating Google Classroom with JAWS.Please note that if you have students interested in this course they must register through Short-Term Programs

Google Classroom and JAWS Introduction Video

Video 1: Google Classroom Student Dashboard and JAWS

Video 2: Google Classroom Student Interface and JAWS

Video 3: Google Classroom Student STREAM and JAWS

Student Practive Activity 1: Video Access and Short Answer Questions

Student Practice Activity 2: Web links and Multiple Choice Questions

Student Practice Activity 3: Google Docs Assignments

Student Practice Activity 4: Google Forms - Quiz or Survey