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NOTE: The information in these videos may be out of date. Please refer to the newest videos on our YouTube playlist: Google Classroom and VoiceOver.

These videos make up the content of the Google Classroom and VoiceOver Distance Learning Course for students on the use VoiceOver on a Apple Computer (not an iOS device). TVIs may want to view this content prior to their student taking this course or as a follow-up to their student taking this course. Please note that if you have students  interested in this course they must register through Short-term Programs

Google Classroom and VoiceOver Introduction

Video 1: Google Classroom Student Dashboard & VoiceOver

Video 2: Google Classroom Student Interface and VoiceOver

Video 3: Google Classroom Student STREAM and VoiceOver

Student Practice Activity 1: Video Access and Short Answer Questions

Student Practice Activity 2: Web links and Multiple Choice Questions

Student Practice Activity 3: Google Doc Assignments

Student Practice Activity 4: Google Forms - Quiz or Survey