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We are conducting a study to understand how an assistive robot can introduce itself in a helpful manner to visually impaired people. This study is part of a larger endeavor to enhance human-robot interaction for robots assisting visually impaired people in tasks related to urban navigation.

We are looking for participants who are visually impaired and 18 years old and older to complete an online survey (approximately 15 minutes):

Your responses and the responses of other participants will help us to design better interaction techniques that will lead to more capable robots that can assist you and others in a variety of tasks. The Carnegie Mellon University Institutional Review Board has approved this study (HS13-317).

This study is part of a research project conducted by the TechBridgeWorld research group ( at Carnegie Mellon University and is funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation National Robotics Initiative. For more information, please visit our project website:

Thank you for your interest and for your time.


Ermine Teves and Byung-Cheol Min ()

Ermine Teves, TSB ’08, HNZ ‘14 | Project Manager at TechBridgeWorld

Carnegie Mellon University | | +1-412-268-1289