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(Successfully Teaching Early Purposeful Skills)

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Jill Brown, Tracy Hallak, Michelle Garrett, Gema Nelson, Debra Sewell, Olga Uriegas, Shay Utley, Stephanie Walker, Marjie Wood, Dawn Adams, Melba Bunch, Steffani Oaks, Susan Phillips, Gwynne Reeves (2019)

 Texas 2 STEPS is an early intervention orientation and mobility evaluation tool and a curriculum of supporting activities and routines. It is specifically designed to determine and address the orientation and mobility needs for students with visual impairments from birth through 5 years of age. Both the evaluation and curriculum are also appropriate for students who have additional disabilities and can be implemented in all settings including home, daycare, school and community. Texas 2 STEPS is divided into two domains: mobility skills (including 16 skill areas) and orientation skills (including 9 skill areas).

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