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Administrative Staff:

Sara Merritt

Sara Merritt, M.Ed. - Principal of Short-Term Programs


Phoebe Williams

Phoebe Williams - Office Manager

Staff Nichelle White

Nichelle White - Administrative Assistant

Staff Scott Brackett

Scott Brackett - Programmer



Allison Kemp

Allison Kemp - Online Learning Designer

 Instructional Staff: Short-Term Programs Teacher Office Hours (New!)



Staff Kathi Garza

Kathi Garza, M.Ed. - Teacher

John Rose

John Rose, M.A. - Teacher


Nina Wibbenmeyer

Nina Wibbenmeyer, M.Ed. - Teacher

Amanda Fierro staff photo

Amanda Fierro, M.Ed, COMS - Teacher



Neely Kulhanek, Teaching Assistant



Jillian Peterson, Teaching Assistant

 Residential Instructional Staff:

Short-Term Programs has a dedicated staff of outstanding residential instructors who provide instruction in areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum such as independent living, recreation and leisure, social-emotional well-being, and self-determination. Students live in a lovely duplex setting with 24-hour supervision (including an overnight charge person who is awake throughout the night).

Bethany Johnson

Bethany Johnson, Dorm Manager

Becky Hill

Rebecca Hill, Residential Instructor

Rosland Neal staff photo

Rosland Neal, Residential Overnight Instructor

Levon White staff photo

Levon White, Residential Instructor

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