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Announcing Parent Companion:
Texas Parent to Parent (TxP2P) & Region 13 Education Service Center are very proud to introduce a new website for Texas families of children birth to 5 years old providing support and information in a parent to parent manner. It includes many articles for families and videos of parents sharing ideas and support. Please check out Parent Companion!

Eye Find Brochure

Are you a VI professional in Texas trying to get the word out about services to infants and toddlers with visual impairment? Are you a parent or other advocate trying to help another parent access educational services for their child with a visual impairment? Do you have connections to pediatricians, therapy clinics, ophthalmologist’s offices or Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) service providers used by families of children with disabilities? Please help get the message out! In Texas, we know that our youngest children with vision impairment and deafblindness are under-served, especially those from birth to age three. Use the Eye Find brochure, print it and distribute it far and wide! Laws and services differ from state to state; this information is specific to services in the state of Texas.

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