From the TSBVI Archive to the Media Minute

Authors: Suzanne Becker, TSBVI Digital Archivist

Keywords: Media Minute, Archive, Braille Challenge, gardening, animal care, yoga, fitness

Abstract: Learn about the Media Minute, a new campus resource on the TSBVI website which uses current and historical media to create posts that highlight programming in various TSBVI departments - Comprehensive (Instructional and Residential), Short-Term, Outreach, and Curriculum.

Amazing instruction happens daily across every department at TSBVI. Staff members regularly collaborate to create meaningful learning experiences. For example:

  • Students in Comprehensive Programs Residential Venture Club clear plots outside their dorm in the Fall and then build planters to house Spring gardens. 
  • Job Coaches in Career Education establish a long-term relationship with the Austin Humane Society where students in Comprehensive and Short Term Programs volunteer to socialize and care for animals.
  • The Recreation department coordinates weekly tandem bike rides with community volunteers on an 8-mile journey through residential neighborhoods around Austin.
  • Students learn yoga routines from a TSBVI Curriculum publication and an Outreach webinar series that they can then take home to do with family or into an adult life setting.

Often the documentation of these rich experiences remain isolated in TSBVI yearbooks, in PowerPoints presented to a student’s team in their district, in reports prepared for the legislature, or in an email exchange between staff.  As the TSBVI Archivist it is my responsibility to collect the media and stories associated with them, catalog them, and make them available so they can encourage learning and awareness about the field of visual impairment and be shared again and again! During the 2021-2022 school year I created monthly posts called the “Media Minute” about TSBVI programming that provided in depth information about campus activities, galleries of images, accessible video examples, and links to related TSBVI projects like webinars, Coffee Hours, or Curriculum publications. I shared these posts internally on campus. After creating the posts over two school years the Media Minute now has a public home on the TSBVI website. The posts can be found under Campus Resources > Media Minute or search “Media Minute.” 

The Media Minute incorporates media about TSBVI from recent and historical times. The latest post is about our involvement in the Braille Challenge, a feature I created prior to the February Central Texas Regional event. Braille Challenge Regional competitions take place from January through March throughout Texas and across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom so with the Braille Challenge Media Minute my hope is to shed light on this event and celebrate the participating students and their network of supporters. Other Media Minute posts focus on gardening and horticulture, animal care, fitness,and yoga. The overall goal of the Media Minute is to preserve and tell TSBVI stories and deepen learning and awareness of the amazing community of students we serve who are blind, visually impaired, or deafblind.

Please continue to check the TSBVI website frequently for new Media Minute posts, which will also be announced on TSBVI Facebook and Instagram. Who knows, you may just show up in one!

TSBVI Gardening and Horticulture Gallery

TSBVI Animal Care Gallery

TSBVI Fitness Gallery

TSBVI Yoga Gallery

TSBVI Braille Challenge Gallery

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