Zenith Astronomy Program

Authors: Charlie Kelly, Australian Student

Keywords: SciAccess Zenith Mentorship Program, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics curriculum, STEM

Abstract: A student participant in the SciAccess Zenith Mentorship Program describes his experiences with the program.

I’m Charlie Kelly, aged 17, from Tamworth, Australia. In 2020, I participated in The SciAccess Zenith Mentorship Program at Ohio State University. As part of the program, I was linked with a student of the university, Mary, who was my mentor. The program was completed via Zoom and focused on scientific principles. We were required to go to a Zoom lecture with visiting specialists in astronomy and then speak with our mentor about the lecture.

Each lesson had a presentation by the (previous) Head of Outreach for the Astronomy Department of Ohio State, Anna Voelker. We covered topics like:

  • Life in the Universe
  • Astrochemistry
  • Stars

At the end of the program, we gave a talk. Mine was on chemical reactions.

I learned a lot from the Zenith Program. Everyone was really nice. If you have the opportunity to enroll, I suggest that you do. Even if you are not fully into science, it is a good way to learn more and practice your skills. It was also good for me to meet with my mentor and learn a bit about the US. I think I taught her a bit about Australia too.

Thanks, Zenith, and the Ohio State University, for giving me this opportunity!

Art of constellations in the northern hemisphere, with an arrow going straight up and through a capital letter “Z” pointing to the north star and the words “The SciAccess Zenith Mentorship Program”

Logo for The SciAccess Zenith Mentorship Program at Ohio State University.

The words “The SciAccess Zenith Mentorship Program” appear on the stars in the night sky.

The SciAccess Zenith Mentorship Program

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