All About the Eye Doctor

Authors: Megan Rose Elliott, Houston, TX

Keywords: Family Wisdom, visual impairments, eye exam, self-determination, medical

Abstract: An eight-year-old talented young lady with a visual impairment shares with others what it is like to go for an eye exam.

A little bit about the author: Megan is a 3rd grader. She lives with her mom, Amber and younger brother, Jacob. Her dad, Trae, her step-mom, Brandee, half brother, Gabe live nearby. Megan was diagnosed with nystagmus when she was 2 months old and Septo-optic Dysplasia a few years later. Even with her vision disability, Megan stays positive and open to speaking about her vision. She speaks to her class each year about her vision needs, and accommodations. She is involved in TaeKwonDo, Champions Baseball, and Superkids at her home church. Megan enjoys reading and writing more than anything. Her life goal is to be a published author and own a library.

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Sometimes you have to go to the eye doctor. It may sound scary, but it is actually a lot of fun!
First, you need to get to the eye doctor by car, truck, or bus. Sometimes you get to ride in the elevator. Be sure to act silly in front of the mirrors in the elevator. When you get off the elevator or get to the doctors office, go to the desk to tell them your name, birthday, and why you are there. Next, your mommy or daddy will get a buzzer that buzzes when it is your turn to go to the doctor. While in the waiting area, you can play in the waiting area. Sometimes there are movies, play tables, and books. When the buzzer goes off, it’s your turn to go!

When you get to the room, you get to sit in a big chair. The chair has buttons and really cool eye stuff but don’t touch it. Those are for the doctor. The nurse comes in first to talk with you and your mommy or daddy.

Sometimes the nurse will put drops in your eyes. They hurt but the drops make your pupil bigger. The pupil is the black part of your eye. The drops have to set in your eyes, so you have to wait awhile. You get to go to a different waiting room, it is a lot darker because the light can hurt your eyes.

The nurse will come back to get you when the doctor and your eyes are ready. The doctor will make you read letters on a TV that is on the other side of the room. The letters get smaller and smaller but try your best. Sometimes he puts silly glasses on you with different things in them. You will usually have to read the TV letters again. He will also shine a light in your eyes. Be sure to be still, listen to his instructions and answer all the questions he asks… do not be silly! The doctor will talk to your mommy or daddy about what he sees and what he wants to do. Sometimes you get told you will get new glasses! When you leave be sure to get the cool sunglasses to protect your eyes from the outside light.

The eye doctor is a really cool place to go.

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