Meet the Dynamic Duo!

Authors: Rachel Simpson, VI Family Engagement Specialist, TSBVI Outreach Program

Keywords: woodworking, Burt Brothers Carpentry, business, safety, laser, lathe

Abstract: This article is a summary of a conversation between Rachel Simpson, Family Engagement Specialist, TSBVI and brothers, Hunter and Tyler Burt.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting with brothers, Hunter and Tyler Burt. This multi-talented duo’s activities include blacksmithing, playing music on the bagpipe and other instruments, camping, animation, woodworking and much more. They are now focusing more on the woodworking because they have started a business named Burt Brothers Carpentry. They are currently using Facebook and Facebook Marketplace to market their wares but would like to get a website up and running before too long. And did I mention that both brothers have a visual impairment? Even more impressed?  Keep reading …

Round logo carved into wood showing a silhouette of the two brothers side by side with Burt Brothers written on it. 

 Piece of wood branded with the Burt Brothers logo.


Silhouette of two people in tuxedos

Logo for Burt Brothers Carpentry, the online business of Hunter and Tyler Burt. 

When asked how they became interested in the arts, Hunter said that he always likes to try new things. The two had been living in Austin but decided to move back to Springtown, Texas, in part because Austin’s cost of living is so expensive. The two were having some fun at home one day, working in the woodshop, when they came up with the idea to do woodworking for a living. They said that one of them came across a CNC laser and it went out of control from there! Tyler said that Hunter dragged him into it, but they both seem pretty interested in their business. Tyler added that he is actually very interested in a career in animation down the road, so he is working on that as well. Hunter said he is more the outdoorsy-type.

Hunter has brown hair and a beard. He wears a work overall and a plaid newsboy cap.

Hunter in his work clothes and hat.

Laser mechanism shown within case under its transparent cover. Tyler is standing in front of it.

Tyler in front of the laser.

In terms of how they got started woodworking, Hunter said that they learned a lot from their grandfather, who made cabinets and other wood products. He said that his grandfather stressed safety at all times. Always wear safety glasses and always know where the saw blade is. Hunter says he learned woodworking with practice and through trial and error. Tyler went to Criss Cole Rehabilitation Center in Austin and participated in the woodshop class while there. They currently use a 65-watt laser in their business to print wooden signs. They are quite safety conscious about that as well, always keeping their hands and face away from the laser. When asked how they check the quality of their product, they said that they examine their products both visually and tactually.

Tyler seated at a desk, preparing to solder a set of wires.

Tyler working at the soldering station.

Both Hunter and Tyler can do all of the necessary tasks, but they each focus on separate parts of the work to be done. Hunter does more of the lathe work. He takes wooden pieces and rounds them out on a lathe. At that point, he presses parts out on a saw and cuts it into a circular shape to be refined into the desired product. Tyler does more work with the laser, creating the designs and running them through the laser to print the signs. They would eventually like to purchase a 100–150-watt laser, so they can work with metal.

Hunter wears protective goggles and cuts a design into a round piece of wood.

Hunter turning a jewelry box on the wood lathe.

They joke that as kids, they were also very creative and used cardboard, duct tape, and construction paper to build just about anything: cities, an aquarium, robots with 15-gallon water jugs. You get the picture! So…don’t be concerned when your child is using up all of the duct tape on a regular basis. They might just start their own business one day as Hunter and Tyler have! Check out their Facebook page at, and see the photos below for examples of other things made by the Burt brothers!

Colorful, etched wooden plaque that says Peace Love Joy.

Embellished wooden plaque.

Round jewelry box shaped like a finial made from two different types of wood.

Wooden jewelry box made from two different types of wood.

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