Jobs Y’all: Your Career. Your Story.

Authors: By the Texas Workforce Commission

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Abstract: The article describes the Texas Workforce Commission’s campaign to promote career exploration and hot Texas jobs for individuals with disabilities.

The Texas Workforce Commission’s “Jobs Y’all: Your Career. Your Story” campaign is designed to raise awareness among young Texans ages 14 up to 24, including those living with disabilities, about how to plan and prepare for high-demand careers. By profiling and linking to the state’s top career exploration tools, the campaign offers young Texans a great place to start exploring career paths and determine which occupation is right for them. Information such as potential earnings, required certifications and even a quiz to help determine career fit is all contained in one accessible user-friendly site.

The campaign originated from a need to create a stronger link between jobs and education, as identified by Tri-Agency partners. As a result, TWC, the Texas Education Agency, and the Higher Education Coordinating Board partnered with employers, industry association representatives, workforce developers, and other stakeholders to raise awareness of fast-growing industry sectors and address the skills gap.

The campaign focuses on eight industry clusters: Advanced Technologies and Manufacturing; Aerospace and Defense; Biotechnology, Life Sciences and Healthcare; Construction; Energy; Information, and Computer Technology; Petroleum Refining and Chemical Products; and Transportation and Logistics. The campaign is being promoted to young Texans through an advertising campaign, reaching them online and through the social and digital channels they use including Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

Jobs Y’all is all about giving students the information they need to explore careers and education options in Texas. Career exploration tools like Texas Career Check, Texas Reality Check, and Texas Internship Challenge are free, easy-to-use websites to help individuals learn about, plan, and apply for opportunities. Texas Career Check is a great place to start career exploration. Students can take a quiz to identify occupations relevant to their interests. They can conduct a side-by-side occupation comparison and learn which occupations will be in demand in years to come. They can also research and compare education options to find the training program, college, or university that’s right for them. Texas Reality Check will show how much living expenses will cost and if individuals will be able to afford the lifestyle they want. Finally, the Texas Internship Challenge will help students search and apply for internships with Texas employers.

The Jobs Y’all campaign is intended to provide helpful information and resources to all students, including those with a disability. The campaign is seeking success stories representing a range of young Texans succeeding in these high-demand industries, with plans to feature young professionals with disabilities and also to invite those young professionals to help share the campaign message through a video communicating in American Sign Language. Success story nominations can be submitted to:  

Explore the Jobs Y’all campaign and related tools at

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