TX SenseAbilities – Summer 2019 Issue

Featured Article

Kathy Trimm sits between two student artists. Materials on the table in front of them include glue, feathers, masks, sequins, beads, and paint.

I Just See Differently

The following is an article based on an interview with TSBVI student, musician, singer and songwriter, Devin Gutierrez.

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Family Wisdom

Meet the Dynamic Duo!

This article is a summary of a conversation between Rachel Simpson, Family Engagement Specialist, TSBVI and brothers, Hunter and Tyler Burt.

Blind Tennis

The Outreach Media Coordinator, Kendra Dorty, relates some of the history of blind tennis and describes her experience learning about the tennis program at TSBVI.

Fade to Black

The mother of a student with visual impairment describes some of her daughter’s many accomplishments, including being the head captain of her high school’s Color Guard Team and being invited to participate in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. She is also a talented artist with her own Instagram page, Art Out of Focus.

Effective Practices

Art Education at TSBVI: “We Make What We Want”

TSBVI Art Teacher, Gretchen Bettes, and her students discuss the TSBVI Art Program, individual pieces of art, and what art means to them. Bettes was the 2018 recipient of the POSB Outstanding Teacher of Students with Blindness and Visual Impairments.

How the San Antonio Museum of Art is Growing the Practice of Multisensory Tours

Robert Langston, former art teacher of students in Kindergarten through 12th grade for fifteen years and the current educator of the community at the San Antonio Museum of Art, describes the evolution and continued efforts of the museum to provide access to visual art to patrons with visual impairments.

Revamping the Touch Tour Program at the UMLAUF Sculpture Garden

Sara Athans discusses the process she has been exploring to create an accessible art experience for patrons who have visual impairment or blindness.

Activities for White Cane Safety Day

Students, adults, and volunteers from North Texas gather with community members each year to celebrate White Cane Safety Day. They learn about safe and efficient modes of travel for individuals with blindness and visual impairments, including the use of guide dogs, white canes, and public transportation. This article describes some of the activities for the 2018 North Texas White Cane Safety Day and provides suggestions for others on creative ways to celebrate White Cane Safety Day in 2019.

Creating With Blind Abandon Art Program Celebrates its Second Year

Kathy Trimm describes the art program Creating With Blind Abandon and how the program has grown since its conception in January of 2018. This tactile art program for students with visual impairment was also featured in the Summer 2018 issue of TX SenseAbilities.

News & Views

Forty-Year Look-Back in Texas

TSBVI Superintendent William Daugherty is retiring and he highlights his career at TSBVI.


How to Partner With the Blind Children’s Program

It is important for parents and guardians to work with their Blind Children’s Specialist to ensure that their child receives wraparound supports. Learn the steps to help plan and prepare for your child’s needs.

Jobs Y’all: Your Career. Your Story.

The article describes the Texas Workforce Commission’s campaign to promote career exploration and hot Texas jobs for individuals with disabilities.

Recognizing and Building Abstract Thinking in the Child with Visual Impairment

This article explores how to identify problems with and help move towards abstract thinking in children with visual impairments. It was originally published on Marnee Loftin’s blog on

Announcing New Nemeth Online Courses

What is Specially Designed Instruction for Students with Visual Impairments?

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