TX SenseAbilities – Summer 2018 Issue

Featured Article

After Graduation Happenings

Becky Harmon shares her experiences of building a good life for her daughter who is a young adult.

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Family Wisdom

Capturing the Beauty of Jayana

A photographer describes her work in the field of DeafBlindness and the experience of doing a photo-shoot with Jayana, a young woman with albinism.

Support Service Provider (SSP) Bills

This article describes the legislative activity and community advocacy concerning the provision of Service Support Providers to people who are DeafBlind.

A Wide Spectrum of Scenarios Needs a Variety of Service Options

This article explores how people who are DeafBlind access their education and learn about their communities with assistance from specific service providers.

DBMAT – Early Days to the Present

The author shares the history the Deafblind Multihandicapped Association of Texas (DBMAT) and how they worked together to build services for individuals who are DeafBlind.

How Does an Intervener Differ from an SSP?

Deafblind International Network of the Americas Conference Reflections

Two Texas family leaders share their experience at the first Deafblind International Network of the Americas Conference held in Hyannis, Massachusetts April 15-18, 2018

Effective Practices

Controversies Surrounding Vision Therapy

Dr. Gray examines issues regarding vision therapy.

Now THAT’S Teamwork!

Ms. Morlandt shares her experience with using Active Learning for a student during and after a two-year pilot entitled “Developing District Capacity in Active Learning.”

Creating with Blind Abandon Goes to the Houston Art Car Parade

Kathy Trimm describes the after-school art program she has begun with students who are blind and visually impaired, “Creating With Blind Abandon,” and the group’s participation in the Houston Art Car Parade.

Wildcats Win Gold at Austin Dragon Boat Races!

News & Views

A Braille Literacy Pilot Initiative for Young Children

In this article Superintendent Daugherty discusses the new pilot program TSBVI is developing with local Independent School Districts (ISDs) and Educational Service Centers (ESC) designed to support and foster early literacy in the braille medium.

Rehabilitative and Independence Services

This article outlines the program services provided by the Rehabilitative and Independence Services section of HHSC.

Experiencing Employment through Summer Work-based Learning Programs

In this article, Mr. Markel discusses work-based learning and the impact it can have on the post-secondary education and business success of an individual with a disability.

Five Websites That Teach Kids about Vision Impairments

Ms. Lewis reviews 5 websites that provides information and resources that shares information about vision impairments with children.

Boonstra-Schaaf Optic Atrophy Syndrome Family Conference

Ms. Rech shares an overview of the BBSOAS Family Conference that was held in Houston in April.

The Sooner the Better