Parker’s Poems

Authors: Parker E., student, Round Rock Independent School District

Keywords: Family Wisdom, blind, visually impaired, language arts, disability awareness, self-expression

Abstract: Parker, who will be a second grader school year 2017-2018, is a dual media learner. Parker’s mom shares that he loves technology, karate, and writing funny poems and stories on his Braille Note.

Introduction by Belinda Fayard, Certified Itinerant Teacher of the Visually Impaired:

Parker is very creative and the first poem, Marker, really touched me because he writes with 20/20 pens. I thought so many of our low vision kiddos can appreciate his description of a marker.


A marker has 1,000,000,000 pens in it
scribble scribble
It is like a computer printing
scribble scribble
When you touch it, it is printing on you
scribble scribble.

This poem is called Things that are craycray, which is slang for crazy. It’s just cute and funny.

Things that are craycray

Tickling your sister,
eating paper,
hitting the car window with a water bottle,
throwing your jump-house in the air,
going on a slide backwards,
dancing in the rain,
jumping off the stairs.

This poem is called My Color Poem. Parker’s creativity and vivid imagination are evident in this beautiful piece.

My Color Poem

Orange is bored of sitting in the car.
Yellow is me on my red scooter.
Green is me on the grassy field
and brown is sad and sick.
Purple is me under a disco ball.
Blue is me on a sailboat at sunset.
Black is anger and loneliness
and red is excitement

Today I am feeling purple.

This last submission is written from the perspective of a developing chick inside the egg. His class had eggs in an incubator and learned all about the stages of growth.

From inside the egg

Wow, what is this place? Where am I?
I am hot. Boom boom boom boom! Am I asleep or is it so dark?
What is the yellow stuff about? Can I get out? Or is this my home and is someone sitting on me?
I need a friend! I see my blood vessels! I need to get out or a friend and night light.
Am I sitting in space? Well I can’t move, so not. Just do something.

Photo of Parker kneeling in a field of bluebonnets and indian paintbrush

Photo of Parker kneeling in a field of bluebonnets and indian paintbrush

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