TX SenseAbilities – Spring Summer 2016 Issue

Featured Article

Students doing water aerobics at Camp Abilities

Camp Abilities, Part 2

Camp Abilities is an overnight, developmental sports camp for children and youth with visual impairments, blindness, or deafblindness. Their first goal is to empower blind, visually impaired, and deafblind children and youth to become active in sports.

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Family Wisdom

An Extraordinary Life: Tribute to Travis

A natural and yet painful part of being part of a community is saying goodbye to beloved leaders. In December 2015, the Texas Deafblind Community lost a wonderful young man who led us by his example of how to live an extraordinary life on his terms. Following are two eulogies given by educators who had the privilege of working with Travis Dafft and his family for many years.

Disability is No Laughing Matter

A college student with a visual impairment shares her experience coping with people who joke about disabilities.

From Home, to School and Into the Community

Following is a presentation Denitra and Trey gave at the 10th Annual Texas Chargers Family Retreat. Trey was honored as the 2015 Star Charger. On behalf of the Texas SenseAbilities editorial committee, we celebrate along with the Texas Chargers community all that Trey has accomplished through the years.

Meet Your Texas Family Organizations For the Visually Impaired and Deafblind Communities

A list of family and advocacy organizations in Texas, along with brief descriptions

Effective Practices

Outdoor Play: Fun Activities You and Your Child Can Do

This article provides suggestions of activities parents, family members, and educators can do outdoors with young students with visual impairments or deafblindness.

Teacher of Students with Deafblindness Pilot, Part II

The unique needs of students with deafblindness must be met by teachers who have specialized training and knowledge in the combined effects of hearing and vision loss. This article is Part II on the Teacher of Deafblind Project in Texas and how it has provided training and support to professionals serving students with deafblindness.

News & Views

The Deafblind Community Program (DBCP)

Interim Assistant Commissioner Bowman shares a success story of a consumer who, with the support of the Deafblind Community Program, was able to learn, practice and master independent living skills.

“i for Empathy” Gesture and Empathy Button Campaigns

A father of a boy with deafblindness introduces a new sign for empathy.

Take Action: The Alice Cogswell Anne Sullivan Macy Act

This article discusses the important changes the Cogswell-Macy Act will have on the education of students who are deafblind, visually impaired and hard of hearing. The article provides suggestion on how you can get involve to make this a reality including talking points.

Regional CVI Clinic: Coming to Your Neighborhood?

The authors describe a demonstration assessment clinic event for young children with cortical visual impairment.

A Research Study of the Genetic Causes of Visual Impairment

In this article Superintendent Daugherty shares information about researchers from Baylor studying genetic causes of visual impairment in students at TSBVI.

Texas Fellows

Frequently Asked Questions on Transition: Medicaid Waivers and Related Programs

This article answers frequently asked Medicaid Waiver and related program questions.

In Memory of Dr. Phil Hatlen

a brief description of Dr. Hatlen's career and work in the field of education of students with visual impairment.

A Celebration of Phil’s Life (Service- February 6, 2016)

Dr. Pogrund read this tribute to Phil Hatlen at his memorial service. She tells of her long-time friendship, professional collaboration, and deep admiration she has of him.