TX SenseAbilities Spring – Summer 2014 Issue

Featured Article

Circus of Life

Parents and their children with visual impairments learned new strategies to develop independent living skills, recreation and leisure skills and career awareness at a conference sponsored by the Division of Blind Services. Families received support and information about raising a child with a visual impairment.

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Family Wisdom

Teaching Self-Advocacy Skills Delivers Results

A young student with a visual impairment emails her teachers to let them know how she can access materials.

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United Swimmer Fights through Blindness: Gallegos Tries to Set Example in Pool

A student with a visual impairment finds a sport that he enjoys and competes in area swim competitions.

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A Parent Talks About “Learning Portability” For a Child Who Missed School Due to Illness

A parent shares her experience using Bookshare’s online library through support by the Accessible Books for Texas program for her daughter who is blind and has chronic healthcare needs. Learning to use accessible education materials makes it possible for her daughter to keep up with her school work and make academic progress.

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What Should I Charge for Contractual Services?

Professionals such as Teachers and Orientation and Mobility Specialists may work part time for a school district on a contractual basis. The author discusses current pay rates and practices primarily in Texas.

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TSBVI Literacy Medium Decision-Making Guidelines

A committee of professionals from several departments of TSBVI collaborated to develop this set of guidelines for determining the appropriate literacy media for students with visual impairment.

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Geocaching with Students with Visual Impairment

The game of geocaching is discussed, with special adaptations for children and youth with visual impairment.

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Special Students Special Moments

The student in this article has multiple disabilities. He was born with Cerebral Palsy and uses a wheel chair. He is visually impaired with limited communication skills.

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Uniting the Village: The On-Going Evolution of the West Texas Cluster

This article describes the unique collaboration between a number of the education service centers (ESCs) and the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services - Division of Blind Services (DARS-DBS) in providing training activities for parents and students with visual impairments in the Panhandle and West Texas regions of the state. It is a revision of an article on the West Texas Cluster written in 2005.

News & Views

New Developments with Promise to Improve the Educational Lives of Students with Visual Impairments

In this article Superintendent Daugherty shares information on recently passed and new legislation that will impact the education of students with visual impairments.

DBS Transition Services: Successfully Serving Younger Consumers

In this article Assistant Commissioner Madrigal looks back on the past 10 years of changes in the Transition Program.

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Braille Boost

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Sports Extravaganza

This article shares information about Sports Extravaganza, a two day event which encourages physical activities for students who are blind and visually impaired.

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Math Melodies

Math Melodies is an app developed in Europe, especially for children with visual impairment or blindness. It is accessible with Voice Over or a refreshable braille display. It also has colorful pictures and animation.

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Research Study

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Upcoming Conferences and Events

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