TSBVI Family Lynx


TSBVI Family Lynx will establish a TSBVI community that connects families and empowers them to work together to support one another and the school.

Our goal is to support, listen to, and learn from all parents and guardians.

TSBVI families are eager to learn from and encourage each other during every stage of their journey.  Working together we are stronger and better able to support TSBVI families, students, staff, and administrators.


Lynx = Links, Get it? (That’s what we’re all about!)

  • TSBVI Family Lynx is a volunteer organization composed of TSBVI families including those students that attend short term programs, the EXIT program, summer sessions and day students. There are no fees to join.
  • We meet regularly during the school year to connect with each other and discuss projects to support of all TSBVI students, staff, and each other.
  • We provide a support network for families to share their experiences without judgement. • TSBVI Family Lynx establishes and maintains a working relationship between families and the TSBVI school community.
  • We support the educational programs and extracurricular activities of the school through volunteer service and involvement.
  • TSBVI Family Lynx encourages school cohesion and school spirit.
  • Family Lynx does not have a fundraising mission. The group needs financial support from TSBVI Administration.

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