Get Engaged: A Note About Family Engagement

The TSBVI Outreach Department knows that families are at the heart of creating enriched learning opportunities for children with visual impairments, including those children who are deafblind or have multiple disabilities. Families are the guiding force behind all life decisions for their children. To help families become confident and effective, we provide information, connections, and training to fit each family’s individual styles. We partner with state and national family organizations, education service centers, and other state agencies to provide a variety of services to support families within their communities.

Families can connect with a Family Engagement Coordinator to:

  • Talk about family matters, including their child’s community involvement, school program, and related supports.
  • Request training on a variety of topics related to having children with visual impairments.
  • Explore Family Leadership Training.
  • Request financial assistance to participate in Outreach training, including funding for travel, lodging, registration, childcare, and meals.
  • Learn more about special education, visual impairments, family organizations, Medicaid waivers, resources for transition to adulthood, and resources in your area.

If you’d like to connect with a Family Engagement Coordinator at TSBVI, email:

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