TSBVI Outreach Programs Honors Texas Fellows

TX SenseAbilities Spring/Summer 2017

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Recognizing VI Professionals in their Role as Recruiters

Texas Fellow 2015-16 Candidate 2015-16
Kandice Burke Jennifer Gillispie
Marcia Hopkins Jennifer Brown
Janiel Hayes Irma Garza
Deborah Thompson Kelly Bevis Woodiel
Tashia Ellington Heather Gill
Shelly Gonzales Katie Nash
Lonnie Fortner Judy Martinez
Cindy Warnick Cassidy Sherwood
Kandice Burke Michelle Peacock
Danika Spake Alecia Jarrett
Ann Adkins Healther Ballard


Texas Fellow 2016-17 Candidate 2016-17
Laura Hampton Heather Haga
Catherine Edwards Pamela Castillo
Kelli Thompson Christi Osborne
Laura Coughlin Stephanie Anderson
Jill Cribbs Kim Faulkner

The Texas Fellows program acknowledges the individual recruiters (Texas Fellow) and welcomes the new VI professional (Candidate) to the field. You are eligible to be a Texas Fellow if you were a significant person in the candidate’s recruitment. Candidates must have started training after May 15, 2016.

Texas Fellows and Candidates receive the following recognitions:

  • The names of the Texas Fellows and the candidates are published in the Texas SenseAbilities newsletter for 1 year.
  • Texas Fellows and the candidates receive special acknowledgement at all statewide TSBVI-sponsored activities.
  • One of TSBVI’s most popular publications or registration assistance for an upcoming TSBVI sponsored conference.

For more information about the Texas Fellow Program or working as a VI professional contact: Mary ShoreemailProtector.addCloakedMailto(“ep_368b3027”, 1); emailProtector.addCloakedMailto(“ep_917929e7”, 1); 512-206-9156

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