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Comics Empower . An excerpt from their website: Comics Empower is the online comic book shop that makes comics for the visually impaired! You will finally be able to take part in the comic book conversation! You can finally experience what has become a basic part of life and of the growing experience for so many!

What Are Comic Books for the Visually Impaired? The comics are translated into audio form. Pages, panels, and texts are described in a way that doesn’t break the rhythm of the story. Twenty-two to twenty-four pages of comics are translated into thirty to thirty five minutes of audio recordings. Readings include the letters pages, where the editors, writers, or publishers interact with the readers.

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Holly Cooper, Outreach Deafblind Early Childhood Specialist

photo of stuffed animal
Dr. Strange battles a Giant Teddy Bear in Marvel Comics Dr. Strange #1, 2015. Displayed on an iPad


Did you know many public libraries have websites which include downloadable audio books and e-books? Audio books can be downloaded from your computer to an iPod, or directly to a phone or tablet. MP3 players such as the iPod have the advantage of being small and having long battery life for audio files. E-books can be downloaded to tablets or reading devices such as the Kindle. These devices allow users to enlarge the font size for people reading visually. Monochrome screens such as the Kindle have a very long battery life, and the backlight feature can be brightened or dimmed. Some new reports indicate using dimmer monochrome screens are less likely to keep readers awake when used before bedtime. Color screens can be easier to see for people with visual impairment and illustrations in the books are bright and clear. Graphic novels on a large color screen are lots of fun to read when enlarged on a tablet. The new iPad Pro has a screen which is 12.9 inches diagonally. Never have more books and literacy resources been more available to people who are blind and visually impaired.

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