TX SenseAbilities – Fall/Winter 2016 Issue

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Accessible Comics

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Family Wisdom

Touch That Cake!

The author shares how she partnered with a cake artist to make her son’s birthday cake a meaningful and accessible experience.

The Greatest Love

Enjoy reading about this blind adult’s journey through life and how her family supported her to become independent and have a full and fulfilling life.

Travels to Pittsburgh

Learn about this family’s attendance at the recent conference of the National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation, as well as what they learned about albinism and life in general.

DeafBlind CAN at DeafBlind Camp of Texas

Read about an exciting camping experience for adults with deafblindness

Mobilizing a National Family Leadership Network: Highlights from the 2016 NFADB Symposium

A Texas family leader shares her experience at the 2016 National Family Association for Deaf-Blind Symposium, which was held in Austin, TX

Effective Practices

The Art of Student Observation

The authors stress the importance of observing students in their natural environments for the purpose of planning intervention and specialized instruction. Steps for the observation process are provided along with a rationale for each step

The Development of Tactile Skills

This article provides information on the development of tactile skills in students with visual impairments, including those with low vision. It explains the importance of the Hierarchy of Tactile Skills and includes suggestions for activities and resources

Tactile Books for Very Young Children

Media and methods for adapting mass market books to tactile and braille books, and experience books which include real objects.

Gifts to Get Kids who are Blind, Visually Impaired or Have Additional Disabilities

A discussion of toys appropriated for children who are in the early childhood years and have visual impairment, deafblindness, and additional disabilities

News & Views

White Cane Day and What It Means to Me

In this article, Superintendent Daugherty discusses the importance of White Cane Day and how it celebrates a person’s abilities and independence.

Changes in the Blind Children’s Vocational Discovery and Development Program

In this article, Mrs. Martin provides information on the Blind Children’s Program transition from DARS to HHSC

Frequently Asked Questions on Transition: Medicaid Waivers and Related Programs

This article answers frequently asked Medicaid Waiver and related program questions

Supported Decision Making: A New Alternative to Guardianship

This article reviews the new legislation that recognizes supported decision-making as an alternative to guardianship for adult with disabilities and provides links for additional information.

Outreach Program Honors Texas Fellows Recognizing VI Professionals in their Role as Recruiters

More Accessible Comics and Books Children’s Books About DeafBlindness and Disability

In this article NCDB provides a list of children books on deaf-blindness and general disabilities