“Your Vision, Your Path” Conference

Authors: Lauren Cox, Program Manager, Blind Children’s Program, Health and Human Services Commission

Keywords: Blind Children's Program, BCP, conference, family, networking

Abstract: The Blind Children’s Program provides quality services for families and their children and opportunities to network. This article describes a statewide conference they sponsored in Bastrop, TX in August 2018.

A Learning Opportunity for Children and Their Families

The Texas Health and Human Services’ Blind Children’s Vocational Discovery and Development Program held a statewide family conference, themed “Your Vision, Your Path” to help families and children plan and prepare a path for their future. More than 150 children ages 10-14 with blindness or low vision and their families from around the state attended the event in Bastrop, TX.

The first afternoon started with an ice-breaker to get to know each other.  The following day featured workshops and learning sessions on accessibility, equal access in college settings, orientation and mobility, and The Game of Life to prepare children about decisions they might have to make and situations they will have to prepare for as adults.

The conference concluded with a day of exploration. Families visited with vendors and resources related to therapy, recreation, camps and assistive technology. Children in  the BCP enjoyed skill building activities and learned money and home management techniques, literacy, career preparation and job skills. Children experienced various recreational and explorative activities such as a rock wall, nature sounds activities, sensory activities, beep baseball, and Topsoccer.

If you are interested in learning more about BCP or need help accessing services, please contact us at 512-438-2404.

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Image of a child and hula dancer at the BCP Conference event.

BCP Specialist Lou Thomas and conference attendee Nash Chessborough enjoy the aloha dance

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