In CHARGE of My Life

Authors: Delila Vasquez, Student

Keywords: CHARGE Syndrome, family issues, communication, DeafBlind community

Abstract: A young adult with CHARGE Syndrome provides suggestions for families of other children who are deafblind. She also introduces her new book, In CHARGE of My Life, which she wrote to let others know what it’s like to grow up with CHARGE and deafblindness. She credits much of her insight to her involvement in the Texas Teacher of Students Who Are DeafBlind pilot program.

I am Delila Vasquez, a student in Dallas, TX. I was born with CHARGE syndrome. I wrote a book, In CHARGE of My Life, about growing up being DeafBlind. I want others who are DeafBlind to know they are not alone and families to know about my struggles so they can be more understanding of what their children go through. Families do not have to be stressed. They can learn how their child communicates best, makes friends in the DeafBlind community, and shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. Not knowing how to help or understand their kids can be scary. I made this book to let them know to be positive and keep learning how they can achieve their goals. I want others to know it is okay to have feelings, and it is okay to tell someone or ask for help. 

A young adult holds a pen and prepares to sign a paperback book. Copies of In Charge of My Life are on the table.

Delila looks up at the camera as she autographs her book.

A young adult in jeans and a T-shirt laughs and hugs a plaque on stage at the Space Camp Awards.

Delila proudly holds the 2022 Max Carpenter and Kathy Johnson Award she received at Space Camp.

In CHARGE of My Life is available on Amazon

The pastel colors of the cover of Delila’s book show a line drawing of two people with long hair hugging each other.

The cover of Delila’s book, In Charge of My Life

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