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Abstract: this article provides information about a new web site developed to assist special needs populations become prepared for emergency situations.

Key Words: blind, visually impaired, deaf, emergency preparedness, special needs populations, Northeast Texas Public Health District

The Northeast Texas Public Health District has compiled 18 emergency preparedness topics and formatted the information to be accessible to deaf, blind, and limited sight populations.

The information is in video and downloadable document format for public use. Simply click on the preferred link to access information as an ASL Translated video file, Braille formatted documents, large print documents, or regular print English documents. The ASL Translated video files also have an audible voice over and text appearing alongside the interpreter. All of the information is free for public use; any organization may link to the website and use the information to inform the public.

The developers encourage you to post comments on the discussion page. There are also two surveys for those viewing the information to assess preparedness levels before and after viewing the material.