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By Beth Dennis, Blind Children’s Consultant, Division for Blind Services

Abstract: this article reviews a blog written by Gayle Yarnell, Director of Adaptive Technology, a Division for Perkins Products.

Key Words: blind, visually impaired, disability, Perkins Products, adaptive technology

Meet Gayle Yarnell, Director of Adaptive Technology, a Division for Perkins Products: <>. She introduces herself with, “Welcome to the lighter side of Adaptive Technology, A Division of Perkins Products. This part of our website is also known as ‘hints for real life’. We will cover real life and how blind people cope with the situations that occur about fifty times a day.”

In her blog entries, she discusses her experiences in the world—going to movies, to the theatre, being a grandmother, talking to a soldier in Afghanistan—from the unique perspective of a woman who happens to be blind. And what you find out when reading the blogs is that she’s writing from the unique perspective of a human being writing about the stuff of life. Check it out: <>.

And while you’re at it, check out Perkins Scout, listed under the Resources link. Perkins Scout is a searchable database of carefully evaluated online resources related to blindness and visual impairment and organized for your convenience:  <>. There are 21 different topics, such as Assistive Technology, Cooking and Kitchen Safety, Education, Etiquette, O&M, Physical Education and Sports, Recreation, Transition, and 13 other topics.