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Volume 12 | Number 3


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Family Wisdom


Meet the Dynamic Duo!



I Just See Differently



Blind Tennis



Fade to Black



Effective Practices


Art Education at TSBVI: “We Make What We Want” 



Art Appreciation for the Visually Impaired: How the San Antonio Museum of Art is Growing the Practice of Multisensory Tours



Revamping the Touch Tour Program at the UMLAUF Sculpture Garden



Activities for White Cane Safety Day 



Creating With Blind Abandon Art Program Celebrates its Second Year



News and Views


Forty-Year Look-Back in Texas



Resolution Honoring William E. Daugherty



How to Partner With the Blind Children’s Program



Jobs Y'all: Your Career. Your Story.



What is Specially Designed Instruction for Students with Visual Impairments?



Announcing New Nemeth Online Courses



Save the Date!