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We are so glad that you will be joining us for a webinar on Adobe Connect.  If you are using a screen reader to access this webinar it can be a little tricky the first time around.  Here are a few tips to make the experience less frustrating. 

When you register, you will be sent a link to the webinar "room" which you will use to join the webinar.  You will sign in as a guest using at least your first name.  It is best to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start time to make sure you are up and running when the webinar begins.  Because most of our webinars are recorded for archiving to the web, you will also be given a phone number to call to be able to access the audio portion of the webinar.

When you enter the room, take some time to navigate to various "pods" or areas where information is shared. Your presenter should give you some basic information about the location of each pod at the start of the webinar, but the more time you have to become familiar with the layout the better your experience will be.  


Pods are areas on your screen that contain different types of information and presented in a variety of ways such as text, links to downloadable files and websites, captions, interactive polls and more.  The presenter should orient you to the room at the start of the webinar, but you may want to enter the room a little early to find your way around before the presentation starts.

Use Control-F6 to move clockwise between pods, Shift-Control-F6 to move in reverse through pods, Control-F8 open Settings Menu for a particular pod. Pod titles are announced when focused.

Chat pod

A chat pod is where participants can make comments or ask questions by typing in text.  A chat text can be shared with everyone, only with presenters and hosts, or with individual attendees.  Typically, someone on the presenter side monitors these chats, and if anything is pertinent to the presentation, then  the presentation is interrupted and the chat message read. Individual attendees can get to the chat pod to type a comment. Default focus is the new message field. Shift-tab to read messages is the chat window.  The messages will automatically be read from oldest to newest which can be clumsy.  You may want to use the directions below so that you read the newest message typed in the chat first.

Note: Important setting - Read the latest message first (steps below)

  • focus the chat pod,
  • hit Control-F8.
  • Arrow to "reverse order of messages."
  • Hit Enter.

Files pod

The files pod is a listing of downloadable files which might include handouts, sign-in roster, or other documents you should have for the webinar. Typically we send these out in advance to all registered participants, but they will always be in the files pod if you did not have a chance to download them before you joined the webinar. File pod is readable and operable from the keyboard.

  • Users can download all files
    • hit Control-F8 for the menu
    • arrow down to "Download All"
    • hit Enter
    • A new window opens
    • Use TAB key until you hear "Click to Download," hit enter
    • Users can download one file.
      • Focus the Files pod,
      • TAB to list box which will read first file name and size (and tell you how many files there are),
      • Down arrow to the file you want,
      • hit SPACE BAR.
      • A new window opens.
      • Use TAB key until you hear "Click to Download",
      • hit enter.

Caption pod

The caption pod provides a real-time caption of everything that is said during the webinar.  This can be very helpful if your hearing is impaired or if you are not getting good audio reception.  


Polls pod

Poll pods are used to get feedback from attendees related to their participation in the webinar.  Some polls require you to select a single answer and others require you to select multiple answers from a list.  Polls may also ask that you type in an answer.  Your response is shared with everyone attending the webinar most of the time, though the presenter has the option of making your votes anonymous.  In most cases the poll and answer options will be included in your handout.

  • Pod pops up, alerts the user (beeps), and moves focus moves to the pod.
  • The question is read. (the only way to reread the question is to unfocus and refocus the pod (Control-F6 move focus to another pod, Shift-Control-F6 move focus back to Poll pod)
  • The user is placed on the first item.
  • Tabbing cycles through all of the answers.
  • There is no indication of the number of items, presenter must provide.
  • User can tab between items, use the enter key to select radio button or checkbox(s) to vote on an item.
  • When a short answer (edit field) is presented the question is asked, the user is already in the edit box (but no indication of being in the edit box is presented.)
    • type the answer,
    • tab to the submit button,
    • hit space to submit answer.
    • Tab again to read all of the results. There is no navigation within the results, they just read in one chunk.
    • When presenter closes the poll pod it will go away.

Discussion notes pod

The discussion notes pod is a way for someone to take notes live.  This is typically only used in meetings or when a group of people are collaborating on a project. This pod can only be read in one chunk from top to bottom. Usually discussion notes are emailed to all participants after the presentation.

Weblinks pod

This pod contains links to pertinent websites that may be accessed during the presentation.  To access the links:

  • Tab into list box of web links,
  • arrow to select a web link to browse,
  • tab to "browse to" button,
  • space bar activates link and opens in a new browser window.

Raise hand

Another feature attendees might want to use is "raise hand".  This allows you to let the presenter know that you have a question or comment and would like them to call on you.  You don't have to use this feature since you can either speak to the presenter or post something in a chat.  To raise your hand:

  • Control-space jump to menu
  • tab 2 times to "Set status button dropdown"
  • SPACEBAR raises hand.
  • SPACEBAR again lowers hand and announces "lower raised hand dropdown"
  • Or
  • CTRL+E will jump to the Set Status Button and raise hand CTRL+E will lower hand but no announcement of either condition is made.


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