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Since there are so many different devices to consider, we defer to Google for the answer to this question.

Please browse to the page at then find your device and follow the instructions. 


On your Calendar, Select the Event you want to Invite people to. Or create an event. On your mobile device, scroll down and touch Invite people. On a computer, find the Add guests section on the right. Start typing the name of the person and choose a result from your contacts. You can also type an email address to invite people who aren't in your contacts list. When you're done editing your event, select Save. When you save your event, an email invitation will be sent to your guests.


If people share their calendars with you, they will have sent you a link through email. Simply click on the link and the calendar will show up in 'My Calendars' on the left-hand side of the calendars page when you view it.

You can also add calendars using email by going to the OTHER CALENDARS option on the left-hand side and where it says 'Add a friend's calendar' or 'Add a coworker's calendar' simply enter the person's email address and hit enter.  If it's shared, you'll see it. If not, a request will be sent via a form where you will enter the email address. If they don't USE Google calendar, you'll see an option to invite them to do so.

You can also add a PUBLIC calendar. Go to the OTHER CALENDARS on the left-hand calendar menu and click the down arrow - then choose the ADD BY URL option. Enter the calendar's URL. The address needs to be an ICAL link - as defined by the Google help option below.


When you open the settings for your Calendar, the option to Share this Calendar becomes available.

Again, because Google is all about an email-based system - from Gmail to Sheets, to Apps, the 'sharing' part of it requires someone to have an email account. That's how it is shared. When you share it, the other person will receive an email message that your calendar has been shared.

Remember to set up WHAT is shared with them - Permissions will need to be set - whether they can change or edit will be important to you and if they need ownership of it, then this is where you can give it to them. Just let them know you are doing so at the time you share it.

They will be able to click on the email and add the calendar to their calendars, which means it will be in their list of calendars that show up on the left-hand side of the screen under their Calendar menu.


When you are in one of your Calendars, go to the gear on the upper right-hand corner of the screen, select SETTINGS and then the screen should show you 'Calendar Settings'. About halfway down should be Default Event Duration. Select the time you wish for your own default time duration for all of YOUR events.


Google Calendars require a Google email login. If you are in a browser on a computer, above the gear icon are the google apps 9 dots - open this and find Google Calendars.  On the left-hand side, under 'My Calendars' there is a drop-down menu in which 'Create New Calendar' can be selected. Do so. You can name it and then share it with others. At the bottom of the page, 'Create Calendar' will finish the process.


When you fill in the details of the WHERE section when EDITING the event in Google Calendar, the map does NOT show up on the screen of the event, but when the invitation is mailed, the guest will have the option of clicking on the MAP link and the map will come up on the guest's screen in the browser.