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Oh, don't we all wish we could just recall that last message we sent! Unfortunately, we can't always. However, if it was sent within 30 seconds, it's possible!

This is an optional feature in Gmail which means you will have to enable it for it to work. It also means you have to have a reliable Internet connection.

  1. Once logged in to Gmail, click on that gear icon and select 'Settings'.
  2. Find the 'Undo Send' setting and Enable it.
  3. Set the cancellation period you want and then, of course, go to the bottom of the settings page and 'SAVE CHANGES'.

When you send a message (the message itself will be delayed) after you have enabled this option and saved the change, the message at the top of your email screen will say 'Your message has been sent', as usual, but now the word 'Undo' will appear right next to it. Click on the word 'Undo' and the create message box will once again appear so you can edit your message or delete it.