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There are several ways to locate documents in Google Drive. All center around 'searching'.

  1. Use the search bar at the top of your Google Drive type in keywords to find your files.  Search will find files that are have the keywords in the title of the document OR are in the document itself.  The search will look in all owned files and files shared with you.
  2. Search by 'type' of file. The search box is actually part of a drop-down menu. When you click in that search box or on the 'down arrow' it will open to reveal other search options. One of these is 'File type'. Open the drop-down and select a 'file type' then type in your keyword (name of document, word in the content, etc...). Click on the magnifying glass ("search") icon to see the results. You may also search by file Owner and application used to open the file in this manner. You can select more than one of the filters, too.
  3. Want to search only the document titles and not the entire document?  Put in quotations the part of the title you are searching for.  Try title:    title:"Document Title"
  4. If you remember that a certain person shared a document with you, search by owner.  Try owner:    owner: or owner:me
  5. Meeting with someone and you want to search for what documents you shared with them?  Try to:    to:
  6. Filter your documents by date.  before:YYYY-MM-DD after:YYYY-MM-DD  after:2015-10-05 and/or before:2015-12-20

Sample search:  

Screenshot of a sample search using filters file type, date range, owner and keywords.