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In Outlook and Eudora you can drag all the relevant mail pieces to folder icons.

In Gmail, however, the concepts are the same but 'labels' are used to group items rather than 'folders' that you create.

First, you can filter the mail by using the built-in filter feature. Check the checkbox in front of one of the emails you want to filter (which means you want all the same type emails filtered from that person or that organization).

For example, if you want all of FACEBOOK messages filtered, first make sure no other message checkboxes are checked. Next, find a message from FACEBOOK in your Inbox and check the box in front of the message. Next, click on the 'MORE' link above your messages and select 'filter messages like these'. 

A box will pop up and in the top, the first box will be filled in like this:

from:(notification+) - then you will have what looks like a blue magnifier at the bottom. Click on it and all the messages ON THAT PAGE will show up. You will then have to put a check in the check box to select all the messages. If you want ALL the messages in ALL your email to show up,  a line of text with the message that includes: Select all messages that match this search will show up at the top of your messages.

Make sure you want to select them ALL. If so, click on that message and then you can delete all the messages from here, label all the messages and then use the archive button (all in one fell swoop) and they will disappear from your inbox. You can then click on the Inbox when you've done this and see that all the messages from FACEBOOK are now out of your inbox altogether.

Check the link below for Google's method of handling labels.