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Organizing your email is sometimes frustrating. In Outlook and Eudora and other mail programs you can drag and drop messages into folders.

A 'label' is one way Google enables you to organize messages that acts somewhat like a 'folder'.

After creating labels (, they will appear on the left-hand side of the screen in your Gmail window.

Now, you can either drag a label to a message, leaving the message in your 'Inbox' view with everything else, or drag a message (by the sender's name or subject text) over to the label on the left, effectively 'moving' it to that label.

Please see the URL at the bottom for other ways to handle labeling. Google makes it easy.

You can also take a whole selection of items and put them under one label!

Check the box for an item, go to the 'more' option above your email messages and select 'filter messages like these'. Then select all of them using the checkbox to the left of the 'more' button. Finally, grab the first of the selected items and drag them over to the label you want on the left. Now, the messages will be 'moved' to the label on the left and removed from the 'Inbox' view.

You can now view these messages by clicking on the label you chose.