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I don't know about you, but email seems to pile up very quickly. How might we find a specific message, say from Mark Smith, about a meeting on "Accessibility" from two weeks ago?

There are several ways to go about this.

  1. I could use the search box at the top of my Gmail page. If I search for 'Mark Smith', though, it will call up everything with the words 'Mark Smith' in it.
  2. To narrow it down a bit, I happen to know that Mark's address is . I can search in that search box or type into the main search box: from: - and voila! All the mail from Mark pops up and I can see from the right side of the screen all the dates I've received mail from him.
  3. If I have a LOT of mail from Mark, I can narrow down the results even more by typing 'from: AND accessibility'  --this would give me only the email with his address and the word 'accessibility' in the message.

Google uses simple language. It doesn't use very many characters like [ and ] or % or any of the programming characters. It's friendly. Just use 'AND' to search for multiple phrases.

For a few more keywords that are used to find email messages, visit