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In the compose window, click Attach Attach and browse to where you can find a photo or file that you'd like to attach. This will send whatever you want as an attachment. In Gmail, you can now drag and drop a file or photo onto the open email before you send it and it will also attach - the difference is that the photo will show up 'inline' - that is it will be seen within the email you send and not be attached as a separate file (unless the other person's email handles files differently).

Please note that no executable files (.exe, .bat) will be sent. Google doesn't like to send .exe files. If you HAVE to send one, you may have to change the extension on it or zip it (right-click in windows and send it to a compressed file), then send it that way.

Different phones will allow you to 'share' your photos differently. I've noticed that most Android phones will allow you to send your photos to Google Drive or to whatever email application you are using, but that's not always the case. If you touch and hold your finger over the picture, options will become available to you. Please read your phone's instructions on how to handle your attachment options.