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To be able to forward a message, the message must be open. Once open, there are two ways to forward a message.

  1. In the upper right-hand side of the message are several icons - the first one you generally see is the reply arrow. Once clicked, the menu opens as a drop-down to several other options including the option to  'Forward' your message.
  2. The other way to forward is to scroll to the bottom of the message and click 'Forward' in the text box. You may also enter a message or add an attachment. If there are attachments, make sure you want to keep them. If you do NOT wish to forward the attachments, look at the place where the attachments are listed and click the 'x' at the corner to remove them.

Then simply click 'Send' when you're finished - unless you'd also like to add more recipients.

For additional information, such as forwarding an entire conversation, visit