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“What she said…” “What he said….” Reflections from the 2nd Annual Bring Your Boss to Work Week

Asking your boss to spend time with you can be a risky task.  It may require you to step out of your comfort zone.  However, those who did it and shared their experiences with us had great things to say about the experience.  Below (and in random order) are some of the comments I received, both from Texans and from VI professionals in other states. 

What was the highlight of the experience for you?

  • Getting to show off my student's math success

  • Having an administrator come and having my student anticipate her bus trip independently.

  • I was proud to get to show my director how well a bright student was doing on learning braille and keyboarding.  We had planned on seeing a student with CVI and multiple disabilities too, but she was sick.  My director said we could make another appointment to see her sometime!  The whole experience was very positive.  Thank you for the whole idea!

  • It was nice for my supervisor to be able to meet one of the students I work with.

  • Sharing what I do.

  • I appreciated that my administrator was so interested in the needs of this child and her family.

  • Having my director experience the scope and organization of my job

  • Showing the extreme range of the types of students I work with.

  • Watching my director engage with the students and taking direction or following my lead on what to do.  It was great that Ms. [Smith] didn't just observe the whole time, but wanted to get involved and learning through hands-on experience.

  • Discussing teaching methodology-- different student needs, awareness of literacy and braille issues.

  • When Mr. [Jones] used a monulcar under a student guidance to read a student activity on the wall.  Mr. [Jones] was able to experience 3 different types of students (1st grade academic MIVI, and 9th grade low vision, 5th grade braille reader).  Personally, it was awesome sharing a portion of my day... sharing my life's passion.

We also asked administrators what they thought, if this was a good use of their time.

  • Yes.  It helped me to understand the challenges and successes of staff and students

  • Yes, this gave me an opportunity to compliment the great success of our VI staff.

  • Excellent use of time!  I learned so much!!

  • It was very insightful.  The complication of this disability continues to amaze me.

  • Yes, it is always valuable to see our instructional process.

  • Yes, the time provided insights into the complexities of abacus use and reading braille.

  • Yes, excellent work by an excellent teacher

  • It was good use of time since I could use it as an observation and see the amazing progress students make with good instruction.  This student was transitioning from uncontracted to contracted braille.

  • Yes.  It allowed me to see and better understand strategies that are beneficial in working with students with VI.

  • Yes, it is important for me to see my students in other environments.

  • Enjoyed the lessons very much.  Learned more about VI techniques and equipment.

Next year Bring Your Boss to Work Week will be November 4 – 8, 2013.  Next year we will post student summary forms so you can give context to what is being observed and thank-you notes to give to your administrator.  I hope these comments and supports will encourage you to Bring Your Boss to Work.

KC Dignan, PhD
Professional Preparation Coordinator
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