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Two Useful Assistive Technology Websites

Found some websites that might be of interest to all of us in the field of visual impairment using assistive technology.  Thought I might share them.


Google Products Accessibility Features

Google has an accessibility web page that explains some of their products’ accessibility features for users with visual impairments.  Some of the Google applications are: Chrome, Android, Gmail, Docs, Calendar, eBooks and Google Voice.   The accessibility features these applications offer are: low vision settings, shortcut key commands, syncing with Outlook, and screen reading.  Included also are accessibility features for users with hearing impairments.
Google Accessibility (


Tech Vision Blog

There is a blog called Tech Vision by a Denise Robinson, Ph.D., TVI, that contains a wide range of assistive technology information.  It is a remarkable source for all type topics ranging from Duxbury to IPads.  Please take a gander at the listed (according to months and years) on the left sidebar.  Here’s where you can find all the topics she has covered over the past two years.  It’s well worth the visit.
Blind Get Educated Blog (


Pat Van Geem
Assistive Technology Consultant
TSBVI Outreach Department
Federal Communication Commission Launches Accessib...
OATS (Open Source Assistive Technology Software)

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