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The Department of Transportation's Air Travel Accessibility Proposal

We are reaching out to you because of the big stake you have in the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) efforts to maintain the rights of travelers with disabilities. We encourage you to join the conversation at Regulation Room and help DOT get this new regulation right. Regulation Room is part of Cornell University’s e-Rulemaking Initiative.  DOT has proposed new regulations that will:

  • Require airlines and airports to make check-in kiosks accessible to travelers with disabilities; and,

  • Require airlines and travel agents to make their websites accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Very few travelers with disabilities have commented on this important proposal, but there is still time to submit your comments before the January 9th cutoff date.

Many people who would benefit from the proposal don't realize that DOT needs to hear from people who agree with the proposed regulations, not just those who disagree.

We Urge You To Participate Before Time Runs Out.

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