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Picture of Ruthanne “Mimi” Cisneros Garcia[caption id="attachment_126" align="alignleft" width="150"] Ruthanne “Mimi” Cisneros Garcia In October 2012 Ruthanne “Mimi” Cisneros Garcia became the first in Texas to be awarded a national Intervener credential.  Mimi completed her coursework through Utah State University. She did her practicum with a deafblind student at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.  Jenny Lace, Education Specialist with the Texas Deafblind Outreach Project, was Mimi’s coach during her practicum at TSBVI.   Mimi applied for a national Intervener credential to:    The National Resource Center for Paraeducators and Related Service Providers ( The National Intervener Credentialing Program, administered by NRCP, establishes common standards, competencies, and practices in a way that is both rigorous and affordable. The requirements include:  A minimum of 10 hours of credited coursework from an Institution of Higher Education (university or college). This coursework must include a supervised practicum experience.  A Practicum experience (minimum of 2 credit hours) under...
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2013 Texas Symposium on Deafblindness: Hands Matter!

2013 Texas Symposium on Deafblindness:  Hands Matter! Omni Austin Hotel in South Park  February 21st - 23rd, 2013 This year our theme is "Hands Matter" and many of our sessions will focus on the importance of developing the tactile sense and hand-use in students with deafblindness.  Of course, there are many other topics in the breakout sessions including student and family issues, professional development, orientation and mobility, communication, transition, self-determination, behavioral challenges and mental health concerns, the impact of pain on functioning and orientation and mobility.  TSBVI Outreach Programs is pleased to announce that Barbara Miles and Paul Hart will be the keynote presenters at the 2013 Texas Deafblind Symposium.  Many of you already know Barbara Miles and her valuable contributions to the field of deafblindness.  Paul Hart may be new to many of you because he is from Scotland!  Paul has collaborated with Barbara, and others, as a part of...
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Teacher of the Deafblind (TDB) Pilot Program

There is a movement afoot in the world of deafblind education..... Movement afoot you say?!?!?  That's A Big Yes Pardner.... TSBVI Outreach is currently partnering with the Region 4 Education Service Center on a Teacher of the Deafblind (TDB) Pilot program. The Pilot program is just starting on it's first year of a two year cycle. Select teachers and administrators from the Cy-Fair Regional Day School for the Deaf, Katy ISD, and TSBVI's Comprehensive Programs are participating. Our goal is to start small with this group, define the role of a TDB, establish a great program for technical assistance, and grow it into a sustainable model that is recognized on a state and national level. Another really great aspect of this program is that we are able to work with Texas Tech, who has online, graduate level, coursework in deafblindness. We are encouraging our Pilot TDB's to enroll and reap the...
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I have heard that Amy Parker is no longer affiliated with TTU. This is such a great loss for Texas! Her absence will certainly i... Read More
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Yes, it is a great loss to Texas and her absence will be felt. We are also going to gain a national resource with her move, so in ... Read More
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An Abundance of Training on the Web

When I joined the Texas Deafblind Project over twenty years ago, there was very little training available on working with students who faced the unique educational challenges of deafblindness.  Now, the abundance of workshops and conferences is impressive.  More importantly (as we all face challenges in getting to these events) the number of web-based training activities has sky-rocketed.  Here are just a few of my favorites from TSBVI and Perkins. From Texas School for the Blind & Visually Impaired: Communication for Children with Deafblindness and Multiple Impairments Cortical/Cerebral Visual Impairment Training School-Based Therapy Training Module: a primer for occupational and physical therapists (OTs and PTs) regarding how to work with students that have deafblindness. From Perkins School for the Blind: CHARGE Syndrome: An Overview By Pam Ryan CHARGE Syndrome: Behavioral Issues By Dr. Timothy Hartshorne CHARGE Syndrome: Teaching Strategies for Children By Sharon Stelzer CHARGE Syndrome: The Impact on Communication and...
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