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Word 2010 with Windows 7

Tactile graphic production using MS Word presents several speed bumps along the way since Word 2000.  The latest one involves Windows 7 and Word 2010.  Here’s the scoop.  In Word 2010, the Select tool in the Edit category on the Home tab is used to select several objects for grouping by dragging with the tool across the objects to group.  This feature tool works just fine using Word 2010 with Windows XP. Now try using Word 2010 with Windows 7, the same process produces different results.  The select arrow does nothing.  After pulling hair out for a couple of days and reading several listings from groups, the solution finally appeared. When using Word 2010 with Windows 7, you first save the document as a .doc NOT .docx, which is the default save and the default document type before saving. By doing this the process described above produces the expected results. What a...
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