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“What We Call Ourselves”

Hello new teachers, I’m seeing email signatures that are all over the map in regards to your job title, so I thought I would provide some guidance in this regard.  If you are an orientation and mobility specialist who has passed the ACVREP exam, your title is Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist, or COMS. If you are teaching students with visual impairments in Texas, the State Board of Educator Certification (SBEC) has us listed in  Texas Administrative Code, Rule 233.8 as “Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments”, or TVI.  Please note the person-first language (“Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments”), rather than the politically incorrect “Teacher of the Visually Impaired”.  Some of you like to put “CTVI”, or Certified Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments. I think some TVIs started doing that when the O&M Specialists started adding “certified” before their title, however, it is not the title SBEC has listed. ...
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