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Accessible, Affordable Educational Technology… One person’s reflection on a new initiative

I recently read the “Impatient Optimists” blog posting on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation site entitled: Introducing inBloom: Accessible, Affordable Education Technology  First I have to say that I am not “a techie”.  In fact, I may be the only person that not only doesn’t have a smart phone, but doesn’t have any sort of a data plan on the cell phone that I do own… and sometimes use.  However, I am married to a techie and while the knowledge doesn’t rub off, the attitude does.  As a result, my beliefs in this topic can be summarized as follows: The goal of education is to increase independence and the ability to make choices in one’s life.  This applies to all children, regardless of their age or abilities. Technology is an important tool not only for education, but life outside of school, and eventually, of work. Accessible technology is not optional...
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