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Artificial Intelligent (AI) Braille Tutor

The researchers at Quantum Simulations have recently been working on the development of an Artificial Intelligent (AI) Braille Tutor, and we are in the process of obtaining additional funding from the Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences (IES).  As part of this proposal we are seeking  a VI supervisors of public schools to agree to help us recruit TVIs and their students to work with us in the field testing portion of the project.  Quantum has successfully developed AI Tutors in the areas of chemistry, developmental math and accounting, and we have begun applying this technology to an AI Braille Tutor.  The field testing is vital to enable us to get feedback from expert braille teachers and their students, so we can report back to the Department of Education as to the value of using this technology in the process of teaching braille. We would appreciate your help with recruiting TVIs for the field testing. ...
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