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Color Vision Deficiency

image of all bout color blindness bookRecently there was a post on the AERNet mailing list asking for advice on a referral made for VI instructional services for a student whose only concern was “color blindness” (more accurately called a color vision deficiency, or CVD.  Whereas some vision-related etiologies may have an associated CVD, most individuals with a color vision deficiency do not have additional (uncorrectable) problems with their vision.  In Texas, a student who only presents with CVD would not qualify for the services of a TVI, because Texas’ commissioner’s rules state:             …..a student with a visual impairment is one who:            (i)  has been determined by a licensed ophthalmologist or optometrist                  (ii) to have no vision or to have a serious visual loss after correction; or                 (iii)  to have a progressive medical condition that will result...
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