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Saving Internet Pages as EPUB Files

This is a wonderful resource, which allows your student to save a webpage as an individual EPUB file. What is an EPUB?  ".epub" is an electronic book format that has become the industry standard, allowing eBooks that use this format to be read on a wide variety of eReaders, from dedicated hardware to desktop software to online based readers. EPUB files can be read in most portable ebook readers, such as Sony, Ipad, Kobo, etc. For the purposes of this post I will describe how to open your EPUB files in iBooks on the iPad.

First, some information from the dotEPUB website:
"dotEPUB is software in the cloud that allows you to convert any webpage into an ebook.
For content consumers (readers), we have developed a bookmarklet (or favlet) for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Opera. And, if you are a Google Chrome user, you can install the dotEPUB extension in your browser."

On the dotEPUB website I located and activated the "manual  install" link because I wanted to use the bookmarklet on my iPad. I carefully followed the directions to install the javascript as a bookmark in Safari on my iPad. Then I navigated to a webpage using Safari, selected the dotEPUB bookmark  I had created and a new webpage opened which had two choices displayed as links, one read "open in..." and the other read "open in iBooks". I chose the "open in iBooks" and even though it was a text heavy webpage it quickly opened in iBooks. The new ebook worked the same as a typical book, in that you could change the fonts with proper reflow and  use VoiceOver  or any other accessibility feature to read the book.

I immediately thought of all the times a student would finally find the webpage with the information needed and the bell would ring to change class. With this dotEPUB bookmark the student could simply select the dot EPUB bookmark and the EPUB file would be saved in iBooks. The student could now read the webpage using the available accessibility features,  with no need for an Internet connection.

Sharon Nichols
Assistive Technology Consultant
iGlasses Mobility Aid
iPhone Apps for Orientation and Mobility

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